Country Meadows Retirement Community, York PA

ElecTech started working with Country Meadows in 2011 and quickly became part of their construction team. We have completed one large project at their York Campus and several projects at their Leader Heights campus in preparation for an addition and renovation Project that will start in early 2013.

York Campus
ElecTech performed the electrical work for the addition which connects the three buildings at this campus together. This addition included moving and upgrading the existing electrical service, a new stand-by generator and a new commercial kitchen and dining area. We also performed the electrical work for the renovations in the existing buildings.

Leader Heights
ElecTech performed the relocation of the Power Company’s 4000 amp electrical service. This project entailed the shutdown of power for the entire campus overnight and was time sensitive in order to have the power turned back on before morning. This took a lot of coordination between ElecTech, Country Meadows and the Power Company, and was very successful. This project was necessary for the upcoming addition project. ElecTech also installed a new stand-by generator and we are part of the design team for the new addition and renovation project to include a new entrance, kitchen, and dining room.

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